We have seen people from many backgrounds perform well in this role. If you have experience in teaching, finance, the restaurant and bar industry, coaching sports, recruiting, fundraising, political campaigns, public relations outreach, journalism, or are an entrepreneur, we encourage you to apply.

Even if you don’t have this experience in a professional setting, but did some of these activities in college, that’s ok!

As a Sales Development Representative, you will be responsible for prospecting potential clients, contacting them, and setting up meetings with more experienced sales representatives.

Responsibilities of the Sales Development Representative:

  • Prospect potential new clients by researching companies that fit a certain Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • Reach out to those prospects via phone and email to gauge their interest in your product.
  • Set up meetings between new leads and senior sales people and pass along vital information about the potential new client.
  • Share knowledge and feedback from your activities with company leadership. Your feedback directly impacts Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and other departments!

You’re a great fit for a Sales Development Representative role if you:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree
  • Have an interest in technology and business
  • Can craft a succinct, well-written email
  • Are good at listening to others and understanding their situation (emotional intelligence)
  • Are a self-starter
  • Like to improve your skills, even on your own time
  • Read about business and/or technology in the news, on blogs, or in books